Some examples of publications by Tristar Aviation:

Aviation News Journal A Canadian first at Frisian Flag may 2022

Aviation News Journal Unveiling of monument Rise (Stirling BK716) nov 2021

Aviation News Journal Tiger Meet turns 60! okt 2021

Aviation News Journal Lost but not forgotten nov 2020

Revista ALAS German/Israëli Exercise Blue Wings 2020 nov 2020

Vayu Aerospace German/Israëli Exercise Blue Wings 2020 nov 2020

Aviation News Journal Operation Manna sep 2020

Klassiker der Luftfahrt Operation Manna aug 2020

Arabian Aerospace Kuwait and Tunesian airshows may 2020

Air Forces Monthly RAAF PC-21 operations RAAF East Sale mar 2020

Revista Alas Croatian MiG-21 operation jan 2020

Air Forces Monthly Exercise Anatolian Phoenix sep 2019

Air Forces Monthly Ghana Air Force apr 2019

Global Aviator Swiss target towing and Ghana Air Force apr 2019

Aviation News Journal Canadian CH.148 Cyclone deployment jan 2019

Aviation News Journal Exercise Trident Juncture 2018 jan 2019

Piloot en Vliegtuig online Trident Juncture 2018 nov 2018

FlyPast Dutch S-2 Tracker Aviodrome jul 2018

Aviation News Journal APROC exercise jul 2018

Arabian Aerospace PC-21 in Jordan nov 2017

Piloot en Vliegtuig Denel SARA may 2017

Revista ALAS Royal Jordanian Air Force feb 2016

Revista ALAS Farnborough dec 2016

FlyPast MS230 okt 2014

Piloot en Vliegtuig Malta Air Wing may 2014

Pilots & Planes Canadian Cyclones jan 2012

Pilots & Planes AT-6B Mission Ready jan 2011

More publications to be posted soon.