Central Coast AirFest at Santa Maria, CA

The first Central Coast AirFest was held in 2018, and this was supposed to be the start of a yearly tradition. In 2019 the show was held again, but then the COVID-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works. However after two years of absence the third edition was held in October 2022 in the Californian city of Santa Maria. Despite the sunny reputation of California, the positioning of Santa Maria on the coast caused the weather to be rather grey during the air show. But nonetheless the event turned out a great success.

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A new lease of life

Many airliner aircraft that are withdrawn from use, sadly end their lives anonymously in a scrapyard awaiting their turn to be recycled into soda cans.
B737 PK-LII not did end in a scrapyard. Instead, after a life full of flights all over the world, it found itself a new job on the Indonesian island of Bali.

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Denel SARA

Meeting future air travel requirements in a rapidly growing global market

The South African aircraft builder Denel Aerostructures sees a growing need for regional air transport. To provide this need, Denel started the Small African Regional Aircraft (SARA) project.



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