Central Coast AirFest at Santa Maria, CA

The first Central Coast AirFest was held in 2018, and this was supposed to be the start of a yearly tradition. In 2019 the show was held again, but then the COVID-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works. However after two years of absence the third edition was held in October 2022 in the Californian city of Santa Maria. Despite the sunny reputation of California, the positioning of Santa Maria on the coast caused the weather to be rather grey during the air show. But nonetheless the event turned out a great success.

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We will always remember – Stirling BK716

In October 2021 a monument was unveiled in Almere, The Netherlands. This monument has been erected to commemorate the crew of Short Stirling BK716, the bomber that was recovered from the Markermeer last year. Having been discovered by accident already in 2008, when part of a landing gear became attached to the anchor of a ship, it wasn’t until 2018 when the recovery became a real possibility.

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Lost but not forgotten

A Stirling (publicity photo of manufacturer Short)

The evening of March 29th, 1943. A young crew of 7 board their Short Stirling bomber with serial BK716 for their third mission. Target is Berlin. A feared destination, because of the heavy defence. And indeed BK716 disappears. For decades nobody knows what happened to them, until last year.

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Market Garden 75th anniversary

Image courtesy Royal Netherlands Air Force

On September 17th  1944, the Allied Forces launched the largest ever airborne assault under the code name operation Market Garden. Aim was to take strategic bridges in the southern part of The Netherlands. Paratroopers would land deep in enemy territory and take the bridges. Ground forces simultaneously launched an offence to relieve the paratroopers and push forward into Germany.

Image: courtesy Royal Netherlands Air Force

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